Oh, what a beautiful morning…..

102043-004-012780C2I could burst into song!  Maybe I will. The gardener will think I’m crazy, but I’m angry with him for taking all the mangos, so maybe his thinking I’m loco will change his ways! No, just kidding…he didn’t take all the mangos…just most of them 🙂 (I can become addicted and possessive about many things and my thing with mangos is showing me just how weird I can get!)

It’s cool this morning. The humidity is low (relatively speaking) and the sun has just begun to shine into my favorite morning spot. I am blessed. I am rekindling my love with Anne Lamotte again as I read “Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers.” On this lovely morning, it is cream on my day that is about to begin!

I’m off to pick some mangos for the gardner.