My Sandbox

The last post I made to this blog was September, 2014. Since then, different methods of signing in have been instituted in the effort to keep me and my blog page out of the hands of lurking hackers. These methods have done such a good job of keeping me safe, I couldn’t get in and it has taken me the better part of this day to get it sorted out…sort of!

The purpose of going through all of this is, and for those of you who have commented that I am too political, hear this…I am sick of restraining myself on social media and the restraint I am exhibiting is wearing thin. So, I have created my own sandbox and those who don’t like what I have to say can go elsewhere, and those that do or disagree intelligently, well let’s talk!


Recently an acquaintance, one I have recognized as leaning right from center but reasonable, queried his social media followers about their feelings about the Civil War monuments removal. Some of the responses from his friends made me want to run and hide, but instead I did some research, because to be honest, I hadn’t given much, if any thought about the subject. What are these historical monuments? Where did they come from and who placed them?  The table below will give information on when they were erected and if you read the dates carefully they will tell you the majority of their construction came during the early 1900’s and then again in the 1950 – 60’s. Isn’t it interesting how those dates coincide with Civil liberty unrest?


I offer two sources that used this table, created by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the first being NPR, and the other a blog from Kevin Levin

Both of these are very informative pieces that will be useful the next time you run up against someone that tells you the destruction of these wonderful works of art and memorabilia to our history is like plowing under Auschwitz in an effort to forget the holocaust.